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A FREE Advertising service for the Z Car and Classic Datsun model enthusiast

All sellers and potential buyers are welcome to register in order to publish FREE Z Car & Classic Datsun ADs or contact sellers via the AD’s contact form, if seller provided an email address or phone number, if seller states preference for phone calls ONLY.

Although, it is completely FREE to advertise at this site, the Sell Your Car form displays a checkbox next to Set a featured AD for only $5 USD note in Red.  Currently, the $5.00 fee is not being charged for “Featured ADs”.  The red text is merely a placeholder note indicating that at a future date, if sellers wish to place a FEATURED CAR AD on the site’s Home Page a $5.00 fee will be charged via PayPal before AD will be published.

To be clear, it is totally FREE to advertise your Datsun or Nissan car for sale in a “non Featured” AD sections at ZCARTRADER.COM

To avoid AD SPAM and other unwanted intrusions onto the site, submitted ADs will not auto appear on the site before an an Admin has a chance to review and approve each AD.  Our hope is that all relevant, legitimate ADs will be approved and published within 24 hours and in most cases, within only a few hours after submission.

Although, visitors can register and list FREE ADs, be advised that there are some known bugs  and many configuration changes occurring that may cause an AD to suddenly disappear or uploaded photos to not display in an AD.  If you encounter such problems please email me direct at with your concerns so I can attempt correct these problems.

Sellers may find that they can not upload additional photos using the User DASHBOARD option under MY ACCOUNT menu.   All these issues are being worked on as time and skills allow.  Hopefully, most problems and features will be properly addressed or configured to function as the site grows.

The Blog section of this site will be updated from time to time to keep active visitors current with new features, changes and bug fixes.



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