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One AD photo upload bug

Q:   I submitted an AD with many AD photos, but only one photo appeared in my online AD.  1.Why did this happen and 2. how can I correct the problem?

A: 1a Most likely this happend due to you using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser to fill in the AD submission form.  There is a known bug in our site’s software that conflicts with all versions of Internet Explorer that prevents more than one photo being uploaded to an AD.

Currently, we have no fix for this conflict.

All sellers are advised to use any browser, other than Internet Explorer, to create & submit their ADs.  FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari all appear to upload multiple AD photos without problems as long as seller has ALL intended AD images simultaneously selected as a block on local computer’s hard drive before clicking the “AD Submit” icon on 4 th and final AD submission page.

A:   1b Another reason for only one image being uploaded could be that you did not have all your AD photos selected as a group when AD submission form requested you to select them.

A:   2  You can edit all parts of your AD via your “Users Dashboard” except change or add more photos to an existing AD.  To add more photos, create a new AD, using FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari browsers and be careful to have all photos in same folder and ALL visible selected when AD submission form requests them.  Continue through rest of stages of AD submission.

After site Admin approves your duplicate AD with numerous photos visible he will approve AD and it will go live.

Once you see your duplicate AD displayed on site with all photos, log back into your account and delete first AD attempt via your USERS DASHBOARD.


  1. How do you know if a car you are watching sales and for how much.

    • ZCARTRADER does not have access to that type of information due to it being an invasion of the seller’s or buyer’s privacy to report such. Once registered, sellers have sole rights to edit or delete their Ads.
      Registered site users have an option open to them to send inquiries to sellers asking to them to share such information once a car sells, but sellers are under no obligation to reply to such inquiries.
      We do understand why future seller’s would be interested to have such knowledge and have considered creating an after sale survey of sellers to allow them to share non private information, but we have no plans to implement such a survey feature in the near future.

      Support Staff

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