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Z Car Trader Coming Online

Welcome to ZCARTRADER.COM, one of several specialty websites that I am endeavoring to bring online as a contribution to the Datsun/Nissan Z car  and classic Datsun model enthusiast communities which I have had the pleasure of being a part of since 1984.

Coming online in the FALL of 2012, ZCARTRADER.COM will endeavor to offer owners of Datsun/Nissan Z cars, Classic Nissan and current day Nissan/Infiniti performance models, as well as buyers, a SAFE, Clean Looking, Easy to Use and FREE car classified advertising marketplace free of the ugly third party ADs, hassles and scams that plague most classified Car For Sale AD sites available to sellers and buyers these days.

As this site is coming online there are a few rough spots, untested features or a few not functioning properly.  In coming weeks I will do my best to post alerts and updates here related to known problems and fixes being worked on.


Background + New Sites Coming

If you are new to this site, but have owned an early model Datsun/Nissan Z car in the past, most likely you have visited my well known and popular  ZPARTS.COM Z car parts business and information website, which has been online since 1996.  Over the years both my  “Z PARTS” hobby and ZPARTS.COM website have grown, evolved and changed directions in many ways noticeable to me, but possibly not to others.

Now, 29 years after buying my first 240Z and parting out over 500 Z cars since then, as a “hobby gone wild” as some might deem it, I am attempting  to bring several new Z Car centric website concepts online that I have not been able to adequately address through my ZPARTS.COM website over the years.

In truth there are a total of  four new Z car and vintage wheel centric concept sites in development, but only two sites are active and viewable online as of mid September 2012.  They are:

  •  (devoted to interesting Z cars & stories, Z events and Z Clubs around the world in layout that hopefully will be a pleasant surprise to most.)
  • (A FREE Car Classified Advertising site featuring only Z Car, Classic Datsun and Nissan performance models.

I hope both sites fill a need or interest for all that visit and use them.  Feedback on either, Pro or Con, would be appreciated.

Eric Neyerlin – owner & developer

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